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"Soop" means forest in Korean.

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Simple, farm-to-table food.

When we first started our restaurant, we wanted to make Korean food the way we remember from our parents: comfort food made with love, completely from scratch, down to the gochujang and kimchi. This took us on a journey of growing our own microgreens and realized how easy and

accessible freshly grown microgreens can be.


Since then, we've created a menu that showcases microgreens in a

way that everyone can appreciate, from bibimbap to nachos!

We believe hydroponic farming is the future.


We've found that a fresh, farm-to-table lifestyle was one that brings joy and trust to every meal. With our indoor hydroponic garden and microgreen farm, our vision is to break down old barriers set by traditional farming techniques.

Because hydroponic farming does not require soil, we save water, space, and energy while increasing yield and reducing grow time. Decreasing the time between harvest and consumption means more nutrients, better flavor, and healthier plants overall.

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